Lori Brookes: The Unintended Author

Whether this is your first time stopping by my site, or you already know me, I’ve changed things up a bit here at AMusingTraveller!

ALL because I took a giant leap of faith into the new and wonderful world [to me] of—HIKING!  

That initial leap was taken on a pair of KEEN hiking boots which traversed over 1,300 miles in one-year and ultimately led me to writing this, my first book, a memoir spanning three years of an incredibly poignant time in my life—beginning March 2016.

My book, “THE UNINTENDED POSITIVE CONSEQUENCES OF HIKING” officially published on 2/22/20 and is NOW available on Amazon!

Click on the title and take a look, buy the book, read it, share it, review it! All of it is whole-heartedly appreciated…

Now that my book has been birthed, it’s time for more adventures in travel. Travel! Experiences visiting new places, meeting new people, honoring them within their unique cutures. That is the true definition of wealth.

I’m looking forward to this next phase and hope that there is something inside this humble book of mine that will speak to you, inspire you, inform you or motivate you to follow what you’ve been waiting and wanting to do.

I am my own living proof that all I had to do is put one foot in that direction and the hiking trails and adventures literally showed up!