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The Power of Two-Words

Wild. Hair. | Flirty. Skirt. | New. Car. | Road. Trip.

I bought a new car on Monday. An unplanned wild hair purchase. My other car, a trusted companion of eight years, nothing wrong really—hence the two-words wild hair. At the same time I had been reading recent news about the “super bloom” happening in Death Valley National Park and projections were that it wouldn’t last long. Thoughts began swirling around inside my wanderlust brain about a quick visit to document it, but then there were those other work commitments.

On Tuesday I viewed an early look at the iMax film “National Parks Adventure” narrated by Robert Redford. Walked away from that film with a much deeper appreciation around the existence of our U.S. National Parks, and that new found sentiment saddled right next to the swirling images in my mind’s eye of yellow blooms on the Death Valley floor.

I returned home from the film which turned into an immediate swooping up of my belongings, including the flirty skirt, bedding and a few food items in preparation for an pre-dawn departure in my new car on Wednesday.

Road trip! [Best two words]

It really can be that easy.

I arrived in Death Valley somewhere around 10 a.m. and made a right turn toward the area named Badwater Basin, the lowest point in North America, with an elevation of 282 feet below sea level, and reportedly where the largest concentration of the blooms were to be found. I spent most of my first day in and around this area, weaving through the s-curves delivering a new presentation at every turn of gold desert flower blooms rising up against dramatic landscapes that only Death Valley can offer.

I spent three more days there exploring only some of what this U.S. treasure has to offer—those musings for another day. For now, please enjoy my take-away from my time mingling with the gold, purple and white darlings painting the desert floor. It’s been ten years since the last mega bloom and who knows when it will happen again. So grateful I took the time out of my regularly scheduled life to experience this in person.

I went for the blooms and stayed for the bliss. Sounds like a working title for my next musing…

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A Woman’s Survival Guide to Peeing Almost Anywhere

The Preamble:

976398_10151442089200741_1339674153_oTHIS, ladies, is my brilliant (if I do say so myself) discovery of how to navigate a road trip, specifically when nature calls and you find yourself—drivin’ down Highway 41, with no rest stop in sight. None. Anywhere. Damn it!

The Checklist:

  1. Flirty skirts (Go commando—sans underwear; essential; can’t stress this enough.)
  2. Flip-flops (There’s a good reason for this, it’s optional, but a really good reason!)
  3. Diaper wipes (They have a dual purpose.)
  4. Camera phones (Optional)

Curious? Read on…

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Road Trip: In the Company of Me

For over ten years I dreamed, rather fantasized, of taking a road trip. You know, the kind where you throw some things in the truck, van or whatever, gas up and hit the highway. Maybe a loose idea of where you are headed, but open to making a right or left turn at the crossroad. At the “Y” choosing this way or that way—and none of that mattering, because the only purpose is to be going somewhere. “Anywhere will get you there,” and in this case, that adage works.

In 2004 I bought a sport utility vehicle. The first thing on the must-have-on-board list, behind the heated seats, was the ability for me to crawl in the back, and make a bed. Just thinking about the road trip fostered the most incredible feelings of freedom. The fantasy of being a gypsy rebel hippie-type felt so right. All of that, saddled with the responsible, level-headed, what-the-hell-are-you-thinking—societally crafted woman. But know this, it might take this Renaissance woman some time to make something happen, but when she does—watch out!