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Fidel’s Revenge on the Road to Trinidad, Cuba

The night before our long road trek to Trinidad, I succumbed to some “bad ice” in a local all-inclusive resort’s mojito. I made it through dinner but left the table with a good ole fashioned Irish goodbye. I won’t go into details for the rest of the evening…but I will tell you that I have not-so-fondly come to call the 24 hours that ensued—Fidel’s Revenge (inspired by Mexico’s Montezuma.)

Determined not to have this bout turn into trip-interruptus, I willed my way onto the bus at 6:30 a.m. and decided I would lay low in the back for the next 3 hours or so. A planned quick stop in Cienfuegos was on the itinerary, and when the bus came to a stop I lifted my head followed by the rest of me and quickly realized I was going to toss some cookies! I felt my eyes get really big in a panicked thought of “Oh this is going to happen, right now, right here, on the bus!” Thank God a bag was handy and mis compadres,Steve and Hazel, were at the ready holding the bag and my hair…end of that story.

I couldn’t muster the detour into Cienfuegos, so I only saw those sights briefly from my window seat, saving myself for our final destination—Trinidad, Cuba.

We finally arrived in Trinidad, a beautifully preserved Caribbean city whose main trade back in the day was sugar, now tobacco. Like much of the Cuba we saw, there is a great deal of contrast between the delights of antiquity and the disrepair and poverty. That’s entirely a whole other conversation about Cuba.

Our day ended with a not-so-easy, in my condition, climb to the top of the tower at the Palacio Cantero Museum, formerly the residence of a wealthy landowner, built in 1927. The views from up top were nothing short of stunning. My cameras can be a source of great distraction and in this case proved worthwhile.

Fidel’s Revenge…hold please!


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