Sixty60 Journey

Is Anything Ever Complete?

I know that us artists would say a resounding no to that question. Even when the last bit of paint dries on a canvas, there is always the thought of “I could have…” Or when writing a book, a song, a poem, a love letter.

And so goes all of life and this morning I’m thinking about the goal that I set for myself that I thought would be “complete” next April. It is now the eve eve, 7 months early, of the completion date for the original goal of sixty hikes to 60 years. Who knew this would catch on to my soul and soles?

This journey that came out of the ether, was and continues to be a gift. Gifts of unending beauty, health, strength, will, accomplishment, the making of new friends, connecting with old friends, connection in general, travel and love.

It won’t end or be complete on Sunday, the planned 60th hike at the top of Tahquitz Peak in Idyllwild, it has become part of what I love to do, where I long to be and with people who share the same passion of communing in and with nature. It will evolve, as it already has to new heights, lengths and depths as I wear down the treads on my Keens and build up the muscles in my legs and heart.

I celebrate all of you have come with me thus far in my hiking journey, whether it was on the trail or cheering from the social media sidelines. I love you all.

Here’s to the first sixty, the next sixty and beyond…this journey is not complete!

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