Lori—That’s Me!

The Kodak Brownie—was my first camera. I won it at my father’s company picnic during a bubblegum blowing contest. I was ten years old. I still have some of those pictures, most of them are of my little sister. Around that same time, I dreamt of flying to far-off places, and one way of doing that, in the mind of a pre-teen, was to become an airline stewardess [yes, it was the 60s.]

At that time, Pan American Airways [Pan Am] was the premiere international airline and I wanted to be one of “them,” dressed in the branded Pan Am blue two-piece suit with matching high-heeled pumps and a hat. Contrasted with a crisp white blouse and white gloves. Fast forward, closer to age 18, I sent away for their application and brochure [in the mail] and I still remember the day when that bulky package, bearing the Pan Am logo, arrived. Excited and thrilled!

A letter accompanied the multi-page application highlighting a few important things. A list of, “read this first” before going to the trouble of completing the lengthy process of an application. And there it was, a dream-dasher! In very concise language was written, a height requirement for women of 5′-6″. Noooooo! I was and still am a mighty 5′-4″. I’m pretty sure I cried that day. Nonetheless, a young girl’s hopes and dreams of travelling the world are being fulfilled today.

There’s always more than one way to get where you want to go, and in my case, although the opportunity to travel came as a late arrival in life, due to departures to places like corporate America and motherhood, I am now traversing the country and the world, by air, land and sea, with my cameras in tow. I’m UNLIMITED…even at 5′-4″. Welcome to my world as “A Musing Traveller!”