Sixty60 Journey

Love Letter to a Mountain

How do I do that exactly, write a love letter to a mountain? Well, here goes.

Dear Tahquitz,
I magically met you in April 2016. I had traveled two hours to get to you and something happened. You whispered to me, only me, through the tall pines, “Move to the mountains.”
I didn’t reach your summit that day, but looking back—getting to the top was not the purpose of that day’s hike. I unintendedly and unknowingly came to receive your message.
I would finally meet you at the top, four months later, on an epic day—completing a goal of taking sixty hikes.
On the descent you walked with me and spoke to me, only me. And I listened. The message was about turnarounds, life changing 180s. You were careful not to reveal what they were to be, I wouldn’t have wanted to know.
Our fateful meeting led me back to you in a different way in 2018, for healing and expressing outwardly, the evolution of my life over the past four years.
In deepest of gratitude, dear Tahquitz, for your presence and groundedness during this twisted-fate journey of mine.
You will be a part of my heart forever. No matter how or where life leads me along my way.

I love you,

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