Sixty60 Journey

Taking Stock: How Many Miles?

Spring has arrived and my Sixty60 Journey is about to come to its peak! This time last year, I had an epiphany about my impending 59th birthday and decided to put into motion a change for my life over the course of the next year. Hiking my way to 60! Originally sixty hikes to 60, turned into a 180 hike goal. In retrospect, I had zero idea where this early-in-the-morning idea would take me. ZERO. Especially the tripling of that original goal. Onward.

I’ve just completed the ten-week Wilderness Basics Course with the San Diego Sierra Club and allowing myself a little breather before my next hike to reflect on some ‘mile-stones’. This past weekend, snow camp, was the last of the overnight backpacking trips marking the finale of the course. I thought I would take a moment and add up the miles on my treads again. Last count was on November 22, 2016, at 750 miles since my birthday in early April, when my second pair of Keen hiking boots arrived. Today, after four more months of blister-free trekking, has netted me another 325 miles. That’s 1,075 miles over 174 hikes in nearly 12 months. Never saw that coming! I love my Keens by-the-way.

The impetus to tally the miles also comes as a bit of preparation for an interview I’m having today, with award-winning media journalist Patty Lane, who came across my Sixty60 Journey on Instagram and will be featured on her podcast DoUKnowWhoIAm? — very exciting!

Cusco-Peru, the Rainbow Mountains and my 180th hike are just around the corner and I can’t wait to share that adventure with you!

PS: A friend has set up a GoFundMe campaign for me, to assist with the funding of the Rainbow Mountain trek, and in exchange for your contribution I am offering a signed, matted, limited edition print from the trip. Thank you!

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