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The First Sixty Hikes

On Sunday August 28th, 144 days after I began my 365-day journey of sixty hikes to 60 years, I summited Tahquitz Peak (elev. 8,846) in Idyllwild, with a group of friends and one of my sons for my 60th hike. Due to issues with altitude, two of my friends waited for us at the foot of the final ascent (there in spirit as were many who couldn’t join in) as we celebrated at the top with both serious and silly pictures of the remaining group, individually and together.

There is something very special about completing a goal that we set for ourselves. Emotions ranging from the pure joy of the accomplishment to that after-the-party empty feeling, when everyone has gone home. The strange thing with this particular goal is that I am still a long way (7 months) from the landmark birthday goal happening in April 2017. So now what?

Knowing what had already transpired with my unplanned ravenous appetite, hiking way more than I could have ever imagined, I knew I wouldn’t stop at the original goal of sixty hikes. I knew I would do sixty more, easily. The next sixty (already in progress) will be referred to as the Sixty60 Sequel. It’s what happens when you are a creative with a marketing background. We name things!

My goal continues on with another sixty hikes, ultimately leading me to Cusco, Peru and the Rainbow Mountains in celebration of my 60th year on the planet. Now, what may happen, which I haven’t totally committed to yet is, a third round of sixty hikes. The Sixty60 Trilogy? That would be a total of 180 hikes in one year and I have to admit that I love the metaphor of the number 180, as in, a total turnaround for my life. Things that have already happened and those things yet to come.

The positive unintended consequences that have come out of my simple idea of hiking my way to 60, has gone wild and left me wanting more. Wanting so much more—for my life. Let’s take a hike!

2 thoughts on “The First Sixty Hikes”

  1. John Harrison says:

    CHEERS !

    1. loribrookes says:

      Hi John, I’m working on that list. Most are logged in my All Trails account, if you have one. Peru? Where abouts and for how long? On my radar for April ’17. <3

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