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Unintended Consequences of Hiking: The Next 10

UC #11 — I earned a first-in-my-life medal for walking an 8-mile fundraising beach walk/run event (I ran the last two miles) in bare feet due to the blisters I earned in UC #12.

UC #12 — Hiked 20 miles out and back on a single-track trail (Noble Canyon) in Mount Laguna. Not realizing how hot the day really was I ended up running out of water with 7 miles to go (I thought my hydration pack was broken. Yes…it’s okay to laugh out loud, I did. Later, after I lived!) Oh the lessons learned from that day! I also earned far too many blisters to count. The positive take-aways however, as always, are the lessons learned AND that I almost walked the length of a marathon. Every time I hit a new mark on the trail or my edge it tells me something about myself, my inner strength, and the limitless possibilities within my own spirit.

UC #13 — I’ve lost even more weight — another 5 pounds and my already downsized hiking pants are falling off again! Almost 10 years post menopause, I bought  into the belief that I had to live with the gift of extra weight and for the first time in my life bought clothing that made it so. One day I was cleaning out my closet and saw this pair of jeans with butterfly embroidered pockets that I never had the heart to giveaway, because they are that cute (Im probably wearing them right now,) and I wondered if they fit now. I was jumping up and down with excitement and even they are just a teensy bit big. I found a belt!

UC #14 — I’ve joined multiple hiking groups and the Sierra Club to support my hiking passion and goals and expand into a like-minded community. There are a lot of great people hiking out there…

UC #15 — I completed and earned a certificate for the 5-Peak Challenge in San Diego, hiking to the top of Cowles Mountain, Pyles Peak, North & South Fortuna Mountain (twice since I didn’t know about the selfie requirement,) and Kwaay Paay.

UC #16 — Ditched my neoprene knee brace after 10 hikes!

UC #17 — All of my previous joint pain due to either prior injuries or just plain old lack of movement, shoulders, left knee, hips and neck are gone gone gone! I can sit in the Yoga Lotus position again — pain free.

UC #18 — Gained a strong reconnection to the outdoor lifestyle including camping.

UC#19 — Took my hiking on the road with a solo trip from San Diego to Big Bend National Park, Chisos Basin in Texas. Hiked to epic trails there. In between the two points, I solo hiked the Alkali Trail in White Sands National Monument, New Mexico, in Arizona, explored Canyon DeChelly National Monument with a couple of hikes there and the Boynton Canyon Trail in Sedona Arizona.

UC #20 — Completed 60 hikes in less than 5 months. 7+ months ahead of my original goal. Adding at least 60 more!

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